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Galaxy Tab Oil slick issue–Samsung’s response

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After I wrote this post, I sent the Link to Samsung India customer support via email. The response was fairly quick, I got a call from technical department and instructed me to contact Samsung UK. So I contacted Samsung UK through email.

Contacting Samsung UK via email is bit tricky as their was no direct link to open the Email popup window, but Samsung India has that option. I noticed that Samsung India’s SITE_ID is 50 and Samsung UK’s is 31. I decided to give a try by copying the email link from Samsung India and just change the SITE_ID from 50 to 31.

The URL for emailing Samsung UK is

Then pasted the new URL in chrome and sent a mail like what I sent to Samsung India. Hoping that I will get some lame excuses some days later. To my surprise I got the response from Samsung UK within 24hrs and they accepted that Samsung is aware of the Oil slick issue. Below is the response I got from Customer support.

Dear Sony
Thank you for contacting Samsung.
In response to your query, please be advised that the "oil slick" issue is something that we are aware has effected a small number of devices within the UK. Do you have a UK residence or an address in the UK? We are offering a service or replacement of these devices within the UK. If you require any further assistance, please contact Samsung again and we will be more than happy to help.

Kind regards
Online Support Team
SAMSUNG Customer Support Centre

I provided my contact address in UK and they provided me a service centre address (free and a paid posting address). I had some further clarifications and the support team was very helpful in resolving all the my questions. At last I sent my tab to the address customer support provided. Hopefully I will get my Oil slick free tab in another two weeks. I will update the status once I got my tab in hand.

Written by Sony Arouje

November 15, 2011 at 12:31 am

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