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RiouxSVN–Free private repository with awesome upgrade model

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I was looking for a free private repository to host one of my pet project. I knew about Assembla and used it before. Free version of Assembla provides one Repository with 500 mb and three users to a repo. The main limitation here is the team size, it’s limited to 3 members per repo. In future I might want to add my friends to have a look into the code or contribute to it and this limitation in the team will be an issue. So I started looking for other providers that give free repository with a little more team size.

My search leads to RiouxSVN, a place where we can host free repositories and unlimited team size. RiouxSVN provides 50 mb free and four repo slot by default. You can easily add more disk space or number of repositories by purchasing credits.

So what’s a credit, each dollar you donate will earn a credit, yes its as simple as that. Each credit you earn is lifelong, for e.g. if you donate 1 dollar you can redeem 10 mb space. This 10mb space is life long, you don’t have to renew or pay every month or year. Awesome, I love this model, I pay for the space that I want to use and only once. To see more details go to the ‘Plan’ tab in the home page, for easy access I copied it below.

We only have one plan, the free plan, which includes:

  • 50 MB per Repository
  • 4 Repository Slots per account
  • Unlimited users per Repository
Need more? Here is the deal:
  • Extra Repository Storage: 1 credit per 10 MB
  • Extra Repository Slots: 2 credits per Slot
What’s that credit thing?

Each dollar donated earns you 1 credit


There is another advantage is, you can retrieve your repository upgrade credits by deleting that repository. For e.g. I spend 2 credits to add one more repo to my account, later I decided to remove it for some xyz reason. When you delete that repo you will get that 2 credits back you spent on that repo, with that credit you can buy some more space or can buy another repo. It’s really cool isn’t it.

RiouxSVN will not provide an option to view your source code online. I don’t find it as a limitation as I rarely see my source code online. I use svn client to download my code to my computer and use it.

In my opinion RiouxSVN is one of the best SVN provider to host private repositories. The main selling point for me is it’s affordable flexible upgrade model. Try it your self and let me know your experience in comment section.


Happy coding…

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September 10, 2013 at 2:08 pm

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