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Bufferapp–schedule your contents for social sharing.

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A month ago I started using Bufferapp for posting messages to my twitter and Facebook page. One of the main advantage of Bufferapp is, it will buffer our content and post it to Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn in scheduled intervals. If you are a regular tweeter then you might understand the disadvantage of tweeting one after another.

Bufferapp provides an extension for Google Chrome to easily add contents to your buffer account. Below is the screen shot of Bufferapp’s chrome extension.


As you can see at the top, my buffer account is connected to Twitter and Facebook Page. Bufferapp’s chrome extension will show a preview of how the content will get posted to twitter and Facebook page. As you can see the Facebook page posting will have an image and some text associated with the link and tweet has just plain text.  Extension also allows to edit any part of the text before buffering. 

Once you are fine with the content click Add to Buffer button or Post Now. Add to Buffer will buffer the content in Bufferapp, Post Now will post the content instantly to the connected accounts.

If you install Bufferapp chrome extension then you can directly post the content from Google reader, no need to open the page. Just click the buffer icon displayed below each news and it will open the window as shown above.



Web Interface

Buffer also comes with a user friendly web interface which helps the user to see the postings left in the buffer. It also allows the user to edit or remove the buffered items. Another nice feature is, if you post same content twice to buffer then it mark one item as duplicate and wont post it (helped several time)

It’s time to try Buffer app yourself. Give a try and let me know your feedback. Happy tweeting!

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May 21, 2012 at 3:07 pm

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