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Worse denormilization I ever heard

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I was interviewing a guy for a new project with 7+ years experience. To start with I gave him a problem of representing a sales order in C# class. The candidate asked some more details about the Sales Order, so I explained like, I went to a shop and purchased Paste, tooth brush, etc, that means a sale order can have multiple items.

He tried for some time but couldn’t come up the class design. In my mind I already rejected him, to give him a feeling of some success, I asked him to design the table structure for the Sales Order. This is what he come up with.

Column Name Data Type
OrderId int
OrderDate Date
Paste int
ToothBrush int
Rice int
Onion int


He explained the design as well. If the user purchase Paste then the Quantity will go to the Paste column and like that. I wanted to see how extend he will go. I told him that my company have 100k products and how you will fit it in the above design. He answered, alter the table and add 100k columns to that table.

I interviewed so many persons in my career and never talked about the details to any one. But this one was the worse interview I ever had and thought of sharing it.


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Martin Golding

Let me know if you guys have any experience like this.

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November 12, 2013 at 12:58 pm

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