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Photo Album using Silverlight,Caliburn Micro and MongoDB–Part 2

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This post is a continuation to my another post about a photostream application in Silverlight 4. You all can read more about the post here. I publish the code to codeplex with some more updates. The functionalities added to application is as below

  • Add/Delete Categories
  • Public commenting for Photos
  • Delete Photo
  • Filter photo’s based on Category

Below are some of the functionality in the app.

Home Page


The home page will display the thumbnails of all your photos. In the right hand pane you can see the list of categories I created. User can see the photos in a particular category by clicking the category. You can add category by clicking on the Add/Edit category in the right hand side.

Photo Preview


Nothing much to say it just show a preview of your photo. As you can see there are some icons at the bottom of the preview window. One for adding/viewing comments and another for deleting the photo. You might wonder how a public user can delete a photo. No they can’t am working on the admin part once it’s added only the admin user can do the delete and other admin related functionalities.

Public Comment(s)


Clicking on the small icon next to the delete button will show the comments as well as user can add comments.

Upload Photos


You can upload multiple photos at a time. Currently assigning a photo to category can be done at the time of uploading.

Hope this app will be helpful for some one.

Download Source code.

Written by Sony Arouje

November 28, 2010 at 12:56 am

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