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I hate Microsoft, I claimed my self as a geek… really?

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I come across so many people who try to claim as geeks by ditching Microsoft and it’s products. But in reality most of these guys started there career with MS Products or still it’s a bread winner for them. I am not talking about those guys who do wonders and are real geeks. I am talking about those guys who try to showoff and don’t know how to, so the easy way is just say ‘I hate Microsoft’.

A friend of mine was talking about how bad the MS products are, and praising other platforms. At the end he was telling ‘unfortunately I am working in MS products’ ahh!.  Who the hell asked you to bed with some thing that you don’t like, no one holding you in point blank. You are the one who decides and if you still with MS products then shut up.

Telling a common man ‘I hate Windows and Love Linux or xyz’ might get you a wow factor. He might have seen only Windows or Mac and might have heard Linux, some thing with command lines and all those stuffs.

Geek-ism is a lifestyle, using one platform or ditching another wont get you there. You should be knowledgeable in all the similar platforms, to decide what to choose in a particular scenario. Do some thing wonderful to the world with what you have. Using Linux and just browsing and watching movies… will that make you some thing special.

I am not a fan of Microsoft or fan of any specific Company. I am a fan of technologies or frameworks that helps me to survive, to help me do my work at ease.

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August 23, 2013 at 12:52 pm

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Oggl ing in Windows Phone 8

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I always hunt for more and more apps related to photography for my Lumia920. One of the recent hit to the store is Hipstamatic Oggl, an awesome app for any photography enthusiast. One of the great feature of Oggl is I can download Lens and films from the Oggl online store and give my photos a unique style. In simple words these Lens and Films are like Filters, we can mix and match Lens and Film to give a unique effect to our photo.

Like Instagram, Oggl is a community driven platform. I can upload photos to Oggl web, I can follow and comment or like photos of others. Using Oggl I can upload photos to Instagram aswell.

One reason I fell for Oggl is, it’s capability of reapplying a different Lens/Film after the shot is taken. For e.g if I take a photo using Matty Lens with a Black and white film, I can change it to color later. I can apply a different color Film and make the same photo in color, without out reshooting it. To apply a different Lens, go to Library in Oggl, select the photo you want to edit and click the Gear icon (center icon).

In most other Camera app, if you shoot in Black and white, then no way to change it to color. By default the app comes with five predefined set like Portrait, Food, etc. I can add my own preset by choosing a Lens and a Film.

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Oggl has an online store where we can download new Gears (Lens and Films). As per Hipstamatic they add more lenses every month. Oggl app is free and comes with a limited set of Lens and Films. To get full collection we need to subscribe for a Quarterly or Yearly subscription, subscription options are Quarterly for $2.99 & Yearly for $9.99. For Windows phone users there is a 60 day trial, in this period we can use the all the available Lenses and Frames.

One of the issue I have with Oggl is, it will be very slow if the phone is connected to Data network. I assume the app is trying to connect to the server before showing the camera app. I feel this is bit annoying and I might miss an opportunity because of this delay. Normally what I do is, I open Oggl and keep it running, I use the Back button and select Oggl whenever I required it. I reported this issue to Oggl support.

Oggl team is working on it to fix issues and adding more features. I like the customer support of the team, they provide a very fast response to our queries and suggestions.

Download Oggl and let me know how you feel about the app, you can leave your comments in the comments section. I shared some of the photos from Oggl to

Happy Clicking…

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August 2, 2013 at 2:49 pm

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