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You photoshopped? or You got a great Camera

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I think most of the photographers out there faced this comment once or more in there life. Some time this comments are intended to degrade you or some times it’s out of curiosity. The fact is not every one can come up with a better photo even if post processed or with a great camera, other wise our world will be crowded with photographers. I like that curious minds, they wanted to learn.

Post processing

Did I do post production, hell I do. I do post production to give the feeling I wanted in a photo. As humans we do a lot of post processing on our self. We go to beauty parlors, or we trim or comb our hairs, in my terms these are post processing. why we do that? to make our self presentable or feel confident.

I am software engineer, like every developer I also do a lot of refactoring. We apply patterns or practice OO. Why we do that? compiler can understand and compile any code even if it’s not refactored or not having any patterns. Still we do it, we are doing it because to give an aesthetic to our code, to make our code readable to others.

Then why post processing of a photo is not right or considered silly in peoples view. In my opinion they are doing it because we didn’t want to accept that guy have a talent, we are saying he is not talented but his tools got talent. Then why can’t you go and take a photo using your camera and you also have access to the same tools that guy has. Still if you can’t come up with the kind of photos he produce, then accept it he got talent.

Is Camera matters?

To some extend yes, the camera matters, rest is the talent of the person behind the view finder. Some time people say your photo is good, because you have a great camera. It’s like telling that my friend Senthil is an awesome developer because he has the world class IDE from Microsoft. The fact is, he can code even using a notepad.

A great tool is a must for any professional. A blunt axe in a wood cutter’s hand, will it help him? obviously not. Like any other profession, photographer also need better camera. But a great camera will never make you a great photographer.

"A photographer went to a socialite party in New York. As he entered the front door, the host said ‘I love your pictures – they’re wonderful; you must have a fantastic camera.’ He said nothing until dinner was finished, then: ‘That was a wonderful dinner; you must have a terrific stove."
Sam Haskins


Do I care if people comment like this? not at all. I take photos because I am passionate about it. I am not doing it to get likes, I am doing it for my own satisfaction. If I get likes or comments, it’s a motivation.

Photoshop is a tool for post processing, so please don’t call all edited Photos as Photoshopped.

I like to hear your thoughts, please leave your comments in the comment section.

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June 21, 2013 at 12:49 pm

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Camera360 – Audio Camera

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Camera360 is one of the popular camera app in WP8, iOS and Android. One of the greatest feature of Camera360 is applying filters in real time. Also it has an awesome simple user interface. A new feature added to this camera app is Audio capturing along with the photo. It is available to download from Google Play and The App Store. As of now no audio camera support for Windows Phone8, hope it will be added in the future release.

The Audio Camera tool will help add to all the emotion and drama that is captured using the Camera360 app. The new feature enables users to record and collect the final 5 seconds of sound before a picture is taken and save it along with the image. To prevent additional audio files being saved alongside the actual photo, everything is compacted into one JPEG file saving plenty of space and memory on the smartphone or tablet.

By capturing these few seconds of sounds, it will enable users to capture the essence and emotions of a moment that can be remembered for eternity. This is explained by Camera360 president Hao Xu who said that

with the launch of Audio Camera, Camera360 will help you truly restore the moment and emotions of precious occasions such as when your girlfriend says ‘Yes, I do!’ at that magic moment and also when your classmates says ‘Cheese’ when you graduated from university.

Despite the introduction of Audio Camera, users can still use the Camera360 app to share all their favourite moments with the world with just one or two clicks. As both the image and sound can be found in just the one file, the audio photo can be uploaded directly from Camera360 to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Flickr and shared with friends and family. For those wanting a safe place to store all their pictures, they can also head to where users can store pictures and build up a collection of to depict all of someone’s social and personal highlights.

How to Share Audio photo via Social Networks

To share the audio photo to social networks, go to Camera360 settings –> Share settings then authorize Camera360 with Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, etc. After you successfully binded, open the photo in Camera360 explorer by clicking the square (with the last photo taken) on your bottom left hand side. From the photo explorer, click and open the photo with audio, once the photo is open you can see a Share button. Click the share button and share it with your friends.

Your friends can see the photo in the social networks with a link as shown below.



when the user click on the link it will redirects to Camera360 page and can hear the audio embedded in the photo.



Give it a try and leave a comment about how you all feel about Camera360.

Happy clicking…

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June 19, 2013 at 12:58 pm

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